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Dec 11, 2015

A Century of Excellence – The Leopoldo Tullio Aquila Pen Collection

Montegrappa honours the spirit of Leopoldo Tullio Aquila, a beloved grandparent of the Aquila family, with a special pen bearing his name. It was essential that the pen bearing his name would allow its user to recognize his personality in the design he inspired. Resolute shapes, elegant non-indulgent colours and intrinsic quality of materials are wholly in keeping with Leopoldo Tullio Aquila’s personality and comportment.
This very special fountain pen is made of pearlised “charcoal” black celluloid, with a cap made entirely in solid sterling silver and embellished with an engraved Art Nouveau pattern. The cap’s top is octagonal, representing the geometric form that serves as Montegrappa’s emblem. It is marked with the “Montegrappa 1912” symbol, which signifies the year of Montegrappa’s founding. The pen terminates in an 18k gold nib engraved with the characteristic filigree pattern.The Leopoldo Tullio Aquila fountain pen will be offered as a limited edition of 100 pieces, the number commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth.This amazingly classy writing instrument will be also available as a rollerball and a ballpoint pen, similarly limited to only 100 units of each mode.

Leopoldo Tullio Aquila first started producing ink when he was 16 years old. Working with a friend and collaborator in the basement of his own home, he spent many hours undertaking chemical experiments until he finally achieved an ink of his own.

From that first success, he went on to produce his own pen. He called this writing instrument “Super Penna Aquila.” This passage was relentlessly short and hugely successful. It was undeniably the result of his subtle determination, absolute professionalism and reserved authority imparted through his gentle force of character. He was, ultimately, a man intent on making the finest pens possible.


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