Scatola Del Tempo

Scatola del Tempo is a pioneer in the specialist field of watch winders and boxes. Scatola del Tempo winders were born back in the 1989 from a brilliant idea and with the co-operation of the most prestigious watchmaker brand in the world. Specializing in unique bespoke pieces, Scatola del Tempo is certified as a handmade Italian product without compromises. Using the most advanced technical solutions for accuracy and pristine finishing, these watch winders are the ideal devices in which to preserve and protect your important timepieces collections. The connoisseur’s choice in watch storage and watch winders.

The essential concept on which Scatola del Tempo is based is that nothing in the design or construction of ours products is underestimated, or left to chance. From the ergonomics of the watch holders, to the choice of the best skill, clasps, leathers, wood veneers and the electronics and mechanics of the rotors, every single piece is made with the utmost care and commitment to every detail.

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