Montegrappa collaborates with Thai artists to create stunning artworks using luxurious Italian-made fountain pens in celebration of the upcoming ‘Art of Montegrappa’ event.

Founded in 1912, Montegrappa is the oldest luxury writing instrument manufacturer in Italy. It has gained global recognition from collectors and art enthusiasts for its quality, innovative design, and meticulous craftsmanship of Italian artisans passed down through generations.

Each Montegrappa collection tells a unique story through its pen’s designs, packaging, incorporating various techniques such as lost wax casting, low-relief engraving, resin art, hand-painting, and enameling.

For its latest campaign, Montegrappa has invited skilled Thai artists and illustrators: Pasinee Kongdechakul (Jeep Kongdechakul), Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon Phannapast), Jidapa Chansirisarthaporn (JCCHR), Panrasri Sasinin (WHITE HAT), and Arthit Lertlalitkul (Him HP), to collaborate and create artistic masterpieces with the use of their writing instruments. The focus of these creations is to present the pens’ fine lines, both in the Limited Editions and Open Editions, which are designed for smooth writing, consistent ink flow, and ergonomic pen shapes. The selection of pens by each artist also reflects their individual taste and distinctive style. Furthermore, the inks from Montegrappa are used to fuel the artists’ imagination with a curated palette of seasonal and classic tones. These inks are formulated to complement the pens’ fine engineering and allow for free-flowing work.

Artwork: “Havana” created by Pasinee Kongdechakul (Jeep Kongdechakul), using The Montegrappa Cigar

“When we stepped out of José Martí Airport, it felt like entering another world, as if we had been transported back to the 1950s. The surroundings, architecture, cars, and people all create the sensation of stepping out of a time machine, and into the past. The beauty of Havana could be found on almost every street corner. Buildings adorned with intricate details, vibrant colors, and captivating charm. We had the pleasure of riding in a 1959 Cadillac, exploring the city, stopping by vintage perfume shops, sipping Mojitos, and purchasing cigars. However, one aspect that truly left a lasting impression were the enchanting people, who sang and danced with joy all throughout the city. They embody the saying that the greatest treasure of Cuba is its ‘people,’ a resource that has thrived for decades.” – Pasinee Kongdechakul (Jeep Kongdechakul)

Artwork: “Lucky Star” created by Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon Phannapast) using The Montegrappa Quincy Jones – The Secret Garden and the Venetia

“When I look up at the sky

It is like all the stars were nearby

I always make the sweetest wishes

To bring me the greatest blissfulness

I know I can’t just wait and let it be

So I work as hard as the soldier bees

How to get the key for the crown,

If my feet are still sinking into the ground?

My eyes catch the moon for hours and hours

I fly fastly through the cloud round and round

I feel like we are trapped in a bowl

I can wish for the moon, but I can’t go

It seems like when the sun melts, the snow

It’s nothing at the end of the show

All the causes lead to the effects

All the dreams and life connected

Break the bowl with our consciousness

Let our soul fly free through the darkness.

… I follow my lucky star…

…you follow your lucky star…

…We all have our own lucky stars…”Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon Phannapast)

Artwork: “Free” created by Jidapa Chansirisarthaporn (JCCHR) using The Montegrappa Elmo 01 Very Peri

“Freedom and Discoveries During Travel: When we embark on a journey, we embrace the freedom to explore and uncover new experiences. It is customary for us to carry a compact sketchbook and a reliable pen, always at the ready. This enables us to engage in spontaneous creative thinking while immersed in the journey itself. Our encounters with diverse landscapes, captivating atmospheres, intriguing individuals, and vibrant cultures often ignite a spark of inspiration or delightful concepts along the way.

These encounters serve as the essential ingredients, akin to raw materials that we gather and capture within the pages of our sketchbook through drawing. As time passes, when we revisit the documented memories, these collected elements become the starting point that generate inspiration and pave the way for new creations in the future. The possibilities that lie ahead are endless, filling us with genuine excitement and anticipation.” – Jidapa Chansirisarthaporn (JCCHR)

Artwork: “Botanical of Alpine Flowers” created by Panrasri Sasinin (WHITE HAT) using The Montegrappa Felicità

“Alpine Flowers grace the mountains with their blossoms. The flower species chosen to be portrayed in this artwork are those found on the mountains in Italy. They pay homage to the brand ‘Montegrappa’, which represents the mountain in Italian.
Through this art piece, my objective is to showcase the pen’s capabilities that allow me to create bold outlines and intricate details. The resulting artwork carries the impact of beautifully composed lines and the harmonious balance of color values, capturing the essence of these exquisite flowers.” – Panrasri Sasinin (WHITE HAT)

Artwork: “Women Among Flowers” created by Arthit Lertlalitkul (Him HP) using The Montegrappa Fortuna Ruthenium

“Monte Grappa is the name of a mountain in the Venetian Prealps. It invokes my imagination of a mountain adorned with the vibrant ambiance of natural flowers, teeming with a plethora of diverse blooms that captivate the senses with their resplendent beauty. Many ladies gather to appreciate the enchanting allure of these flowers.
I had the opportunity to create an art piece using a Montegrappa pen, which embodies a perfect blend of modern minimalist design and luxurious elegance that surpasses one’s imagination. One such example is the Montegrappa Fortuna Ruthenium, which I used to bring my artwork to life, intricately carving beautiful patterns on the pen’s nib. With its sleek and shadowy body, along with its lightweight feel, this pen allows me to experience writing and drawing in an immensely delightful and enjoyable way.” – Arthit Lertlalitkul (Him HP)

For those who appreciate the works of the artists, we invite you to visit us at ‘The Art of Montegrappa’, located at the Crystal Court (in front of the TKI boutique), M Floor, Siam Paragon from August 11th to 31st, 2023. Here, you can discover the artworks created with writing instruments and inks from Montegrappa, explore the meticulous craftsmanship of pen making, and experience the pleasure of writing with luxury pens that go beyond mere writing instruments. Smartphone wallpapers are also available for download for free through Montegrappa’s Line Official at