SwissKubik Announces its Rebranding: A Fusion of Minimalism, Rhythm, and Modernity

Geneva – SwissKubik, a recognized leader in the field of watch winders for automatic watches, is proud to announce its rebranding, marking a new chapter in its rich and innovative history.

A Swiss Watchmaking Legacy

Born in the heart of Switzerland, the cradle of watchmaking excellence, SwissKubik has always stood for precision and reliability. Its distinctive cubic shape is not only a hallmark of quality but also a symbol of progress and innovation. Drawing from this legacy, the brand has chosen to breathe new life into its identity.

A Renewed Vision for the Future

SwissKubik’s refreshed vision is to become the perfect companion for luxury watches, in tune with the soul of the Swiss watch market. This ambition aims to reposition SwissKubik as an indispensable element of the overall watchmaking experience. Each SwissKubik winder will not merely be a functional accessory, but a true emblem of watchmaking innovation.

A Contemporary and Avant-Garde Design

The rebranding emphasizes SwissKubik’s iconic cubic form, while underscoring its forward-thinking stance. The new dynamic and vibrant visual identity plays with shapes, sizes, and colors, while maintaining a consistent theme. The chosen typography, Roobert Pro, mirrors this modernity while retaining a sense of timelessness.

Commitment to Excellence

SwissKubik remains true to its core values of excellence, innovation, and closeness. The brand commits to constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence, offering products and services of unmatched quality. Innovation remains at the heart of SwissKubik’s approach, with an unwavering desire to protect the most precious timepieces.