A Journey of Success

The partnership between Patek Philippe and TKI has been remarkable. Almost 40 years ago, we had the honor of introducing Patek Philippe to the Thai market. At the time, collectors showed interest in timepieces that fulfilled their fascination for jewelry. As time went on, their interests began to grow more into an appreciation for fine watchmaking. We are extremely proud to be a part of the transition in the industry.

Opening of the first Patek Philippe Boutique in Thailand, Siam Paragon 2006.

            “The Patek Philippe brand embodies the values of luxury, quality, and most importantly family that TKI strives to give both its customers and staff,” Chaiyatat Bunjapamai, Director of the TKI group states. As a retailer, we see the trends that come and go. Clients and customers come in every day looking to acquire the most on-demand pieces. What intrigues us the most is the way that Patek Philippe doesn’t blindly follow trends, but is the pioneer that sets them. The same can be said for when Patek Philippe launched its ‘Generations’ campaign. While other brands focused on celebrity-heavy, product-centric advertising, Patek shifted the industry in its own direction. This, for us as retailers, was a memorable event. It gave us a new way to tell a story, and assist clientsin selecting timepieces that they would undoubtedly pass on to their children, and the generations to follow.

Mr. Philippe Stern at the Patek Philippe Gala Dinner, Geneva 1998.
Phumiphan Bunjapamai with Mr. Philippe Stern at his office in Geneva, 1999.

Till today, Patek Philippe is still a family owned business. “One of the highlights from my career in the industry was getting to attend the 150th Anniversary celebration of Patek Philippe with Henri, Philippe, and Thierry Stern, says Phumiphan Bunjapamai, Chairman of the TKI Group. “Being there with three generations of the Stern family reminded me that when we think of Patek Philippe, we don’t think of it as a brand, but as a family. They emphasize the importance of having us as retailers, and that is what keeps us connected and committed as partners of such a great family.”

Mr. Thierry Stern, Phumiphan Bunjapamai, and esteemed guests cut the ribbon of the first Patek Philippe Boutique in Thailand, Siam Paragon 2006.
Mr. Thierry Stern, Phumiphan Bunjapamai, and esteemed guests at the opening of the renovated boutique, Siam Paragon 2011.

“My most memorable accomplishment is introducing Thailand to its first Patek Philippe Boutique,” says Phumiphan Bunjapamai, Chairman of the TKI Group. At the time, brand-centric boutiques were not as common as they are today, but Patek Philippe had a market of its own, and it was a milestone for the watch industry in Thailand.

The Bunjapamai family with Mr. Thierry Stern, Siam Paragon Boutique 2006.

As we shift from the second generation in the business to the third, the values we uphold remains the same; to ensure that we educate every customer on the brand’s values as well as the craftsmanship in each timepiece. “Because Patek Philippe has never been about pushing sales, but rather to educate the client, it creates a more genuine relationship between the retailer and the consumer,” says Phuris Bunjapamai, Director of the TKI Group. He goes on to say, “we make certain that each customer discovers the timepiece they love, and find the one that is most compatible with their lifestyles.” TKI is proud to see Patek Philippe remains at the highest regard for watch collectors, and ensure that the new generation begin to show such appreciation for mechanical timepieces. Our hope for the future is to see the brand to continue to grow the interest of the younger generation in complicated timepieces. Nonetheless, we continue to grow and remain humbled as a partner of the brand.

This Fall, Patek Philippe will be hosting the “Watch Art Grand Exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore. From Saturday, September 28 until Sunday, October 13, 2019, collectors, aficionados of watchmaking artistry and the general public can immerse themselves in the world of Patek Philippe as if they were personally visiting the historic salons on Rue du Rhône in Geneva, the manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, or the Patek Philippe Museum. It is a unique opportunity to cast a backstage glance at the last independent family-owned Genevan watchmaking company.

Taking place during the Singapore Bicentennial year, the Grand Exhibition underlines the importance of Singapore and Southeast Asia for Patek Philippe. These markets are not only significant when it comes to the numbers of collectors and enthusiasts based in the region, they also play a major role in building appreciation for the work of fine mechanical watchmaking.

This is why Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, and his father, honorary president Philippe Stern, place so much emphasis on hosting this grand exhibition in Singapore and making sure it is an event of extraordinary proportions. It will also showcase the launch of limited special-edition watches and an important collection of rare handcrafts.

Please visit patek.com/watchart2019 for more information.